Our Personal Practice of Gratitude Creates Healing for Ourselves & Humanity

The Alchemy of Gratitude

When we embody the energy of gratitude we align with the energy of value — each item we name and feel grateful for is an expression of what we choose to value.⠀⠀

It is easy to name those things in our life that we feel good about having or experiencing.

This is an invitation to expand your concept of gratitude to include those experiences and circumstances that are difficult, not what you want, and quite frankly can suck in the moment.

We are asked to remember that all the world / Universe / God / Source / Beyond / etc. offers us is for us, even the rough spots, sh*t shows, and traumas. They all serve our growth and expansion, if we alter our perception.

If we chose to value those “undesirables” with the wisdom that they too contain medicine *for* our healing, growth, and expansion, then we create the opportunity to deeply release & transmute the negativity we carry about them.

In their clearing we create a vacuum of energy for its equal and opposite expression to manifest in our life. Destruction becomes Creation. Death and Rebirth.

As we are ALL One, interconnected & interdependent, our personal gratitude becomes medicine for the Collective.

The Whole Human Alchemy of Gratitude Practice (short version)

Journal what you are grateful for - "good" and "bad" - and consider the reframing below as guidance:

  •  I am grateful for ____ pain as it is creating more space for pleasure

  • I am grateful for ___ sadness as it is creating more space for joy 

  • I am grateful for ___ difficulty as it is creating more space for joy⠀

Try this practice on during the next three days (while we are in the energy of the Gemini Full Moon).  See how much more peace can be experienced within yourself. Continue the practice through the rest of the year even, as the holidays can often be difficult and triggering...I feel you. I see you. I am with you. ⠀⠀⠀

May this practice deeply bolster and guide your own journey home.