Receptivity is the Energy of Opportunity

October’s Theme is Receptivity & Resistance

Receptivity is the energy of opportunity. When we are receptive, the energy is open, allowing, wondrous. Close your eyes and just feel into the word
R E C E P T I V E.  It has a gentleness to it, a quality of potentiality.  

When we think about potential -- what could happen -- there is also a degree of uncertainty that comes with it. We don’t quite know what will drop in. That can be both exciting and trigger anxiety (thanks to negativity bias). We are so conditioned by our habitual ways of controlling our experience of the world, to “take our hands off the controls” requires a suspension of fear and a certain degree of trust and faith.

If we choose to resist uncertainty and deny receptivity, we close-off energetically. We lose the freedom of the present moment where the organic magic of possibility lives. Overtime, resistance to the unknown calcifies our beliefs. This in turn perpetuates polarity-based belief systems (e.g., “us versus them,” “me versus you”) and creates separation disguised as a false sense of certainty, e.g., “All things must be this way, not that other way, as according to this future plan, according to this past experience. This is how it has always been and always should be.”  Aka, your well-meaning, survival-focused brain uses the past and tries to predict the future on moments that actually do not exist in order to feel safe in the uncertainty of receptivity.

Past. Future. Both feeding energy to moments that do not exist, that are not present. Both take the air out of the room, kill creativity, and shut-down the heart. Our ability to experience a different point of view, to be receptive to new information, is lost.

Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to be able to see and understand perspectives different than our own. Our personal growth as individuals, and the healing and evolution of our collective experience depend on it.

As we transition into longer nights, we human animals instinctively desire to turn inward. 

Now is the perfect time to create or reinvigorate a practice to cultivate presence and strengthen our muscle of receptivity.