EMBRACING THE OTHER - A Meditation & Workshop on Difference & Belonging


EMBRACING THE OTHER - A Meditation & Workshop on Difference & Belonging


This workshop is designed to support you in working with our current lunar and astrological energies, and well beyond.

The themes that came through for this month's Aquarius new moon medicine are deeply resonate with spiritual truths centered on love, belonging, and acceptance, and restorative action we can take to heal wounds of difference & separation. Shared here are conversations and topics that are threads you can choose to keep coming back to as part of your self inquiry study and personal growth.

Aquarius teaches us to embrace difference and originality as key to our Future — yet, human concepts of duality can be both a tool for healing & learning and can become a weapon for pain & separation when acted upon with fear-based thinking.

We cannot embrace another fully until we honor our own Shadow parts and bring compassion to the ways we have created internal “Othering.” To accept others as ourselves, especially those whose values or beliefs differ from ours (ahem, U.S. party lines), we must witness the judgements within our own self and take responsibility for the social lenses we choose to embody — consciously or unconsciously. And do the work to redress wounds of separation.

Acceptance of our human nature — our Light and our Dark — and remembrance of our Oneness is how we can restore Wholeness and Unity within ourselves and for The Collective.

This workshop includes:

1. Discussion on the astrological and lunar energies of the time

2. Discussion of the Osho Zen tarot card pulled for the New Moon

3. Exploration and further study of the themes channeled for this offering

4. Journal prompts to deepen your personal inquiry of the themes

5. A Guided Meditation to support connection and mind/body/soul integration with these themes

*Upon purchase you will gain immediate access to a .pdf that introduces the workshop and includes links to the recorded video discussion, presentation and journal prompts, and guided meditation file.

May this offering deeply serve your highest evolution and experience of love and joy!

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