Love, Joy, Freedom are our Birthright

the truth of who you are

is love


40 Day Self-Love Sadhana

A curated Group Coaching Experience

radically transform your relationship to Love and your Self

Love is perhaps one of the most complicated experiences to name, quantify, and express. That is because its very nature is beyond a just a mental exercise of labeling and categorizing, or a physical experience of hugging and having sex.

Love is a total Mind, Body, and Soul-level experience when we are in full alignment with our Truth — that we are human beings here on this Earth with a Purpose and Calling that both includes and goes beyond family and friend obligations, #hustle achievements, convenience consumerism, micro-dosing mindfulness, anxiety-driven deadlines, goal-setting, errand-running, event-hopping, digital distraction, diets and To Dos. Yet, ironically, so many of these activities and things are what we are conditioned to believe will in some way or another create an experience of Love.

We are called to embody our Truth as Love, and to connect, create, and share in the name of Love.

true love is within, not without

When we create our experience of Love from the inside out — rather than what we have been told love is or “should be” or what is “expected” — we do not run our wells dry. We fill our own cup first, from within, and empower ourselves to receive in the very act of giving to others. We Love from Abundance, not Lack. We Love from Truth, not Fear.

Much of our society tells us what our experience of Love, and Self-Love “should” be and do, and often tells us what to buy to possess that pitched feeling. Love is pushed onto us as something that exists outside of us, and just outside of our reach. But we are smarter than that, even when we are also simultaneously desperate and grasping for connection outside of us because we have lost that true connection within.

I see you. I feel you. We are human. We all do this. We all go through our stages with Love, Loss, and Longing. And in my experience, the truest way Home to the Love that is already inside of us, the O.G. #SELFLOVE is through an integrative, MINDBODYSOUL approach. Because we are Whole Humans, not just “from the neck up” job roles and credit card holders.

we are born to live in LOVE, JOY, FREEDOM

It is possible to live in alignment with this deep, Soul-Level Truth. We are always at choice of our own creation.

My name is Kathryn Cornelius, and I am a born intuitive, teacher, healer, coach, and guide. I am a joyful, healthy survivor of childhood abuse, sexual trauma, chronic pain, and Complex-PTSD. I hold numerous certifications, including 200hr Dharma Yoga, Reiki Master, Akashic Records, Breathwork, & Yoga Nidra. As a certified, trauma-informed teacher, I am deeply sensitive to a person's nervous system and honor the highly dynamic needs of the individual.

From my own healing journey, and experience as an IT & strategy management consultant, Professor of Culture Studies, lifelong athlete, and internationally exhibiting performance and video Artist, I created an interdisciplinary method of self-inquiry, healing, and growth - Whole Human Alchemy - that has supported over a hundred people to create change in their lives.

Whole Human Alchemy is rooted in 10 years of personal practice, training, and education in Biology & Neuroscience, Somatic & Transpersonal Psychology, Imago Therapy, Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems & Parts Work, EMDR, Brainspotting, Breathwork, Trauma Recovery, Buddhist Philosophy & Meditation (Zen, Shambhala, Theraveda, Insight, Vipassana, TM), Vedic Yoga & Meditation (Bhakti, Raja, Kundalini, Tantra, Hatha), and Usui Reiki, Chakra & Energy Medicine.

I am committed to guiding you back to your Truth, to share with you the tools, and teachings that have helped me in my own journey, and to inspire and empower you to reclaim your Love for your Self.


I believe…

Our Wounds are portals to remembering our Wholeness.

Our Trauma contains keys to our Sovereignty.

Our Personal Healing is a service to alchemize Medicine for the healing and evolution of our Family Lineage and the Collective.

I know …

We can reprogram the Brain and Nervous System from Fear and Resistance to Safety and Resilience

We can retrain the Mind to work for your Highest Good and Expansion, not against you in Self-Sabotage and Struggle

We can choose to Align with our Soul’s Truth, and create our Highest Expression of Self and live a life of Love, Joy, Expansion, and Freedom.

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it is safe to be loved

it is safe to express your power

it is safe to feel

You are worthy as you are

you are enough

you are free

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