We all have the capacity to heal and thrive.

Our willingness to work with our triggers, to learn from our shadow, propels us towards living in union with our own Light

During times of transition and uncertainty, we need a place where we can be held in our vulnerability with empathy and care.  Where we can express feelings we don't know quite how to process on our own.  Where we can discover the gifts and opportunities inherent in the challenges of life and business.  We need a compassionate mirror, a witness.  We need to be seen and heard in a way that is nurturing and supports incorporation of the lessons we are here to experience in our life's journey.  

There is no false pretense with Kathryn. She will listen, prescribe, and be keen to know the results. Her high energy makes me want to fill her in, as if a great science experiment is underway.

I’ve confided before in people who pass judgment, try to tell you how you should think or feel, or give unfounded advice. Kathryn listens very well. I feel like together, I am able to unveil what might be going on – mentally, physically, emotionally, cosmically.

It’s all connected, and she helps me put the pieces of my life’s puzzle closer together.
— Victoria, Finance Professional

Workshops & Retreats

I offer public classes online and in-person in venues in NYC, Austin, DC, and LA. 

I also teach corporate meditation and yoga classes, as well as lead sessions for corporate and wellness retreats. 

Please contact me with inquiries.


individual holistic Coaching

This is deep, integrative work that completely changes how you work, live, and experience your life. 

In addition to my other qualifications, I've been trained and mentored by Master Teacher Michelle Sinnette (Soul Legacy) and Lindsay Mack (Wild Soul Healing), to offer this work.

Please schedule a complimentary call with me, or email, to see if this work is a fit for you at this time

What is working with Kathryn like?

Read a coaching testimonial

Throughout the experience, I felt guided by someone who was firm and confident while also being kind and compassionate. I felt like I could surrender myself into the hands of someone I could trust. She helped assuage my fears and showed me how to better understand the phenomena I was encountering, while helping me to stay grounded and present.

Her incredible capacity for intuition made it possible for her to see what was happening for me and tell me exactly what I needed to do in the moment. She has a wealth of knowledge about a wide range of fields that she can draw from—I feel like I’ve learned so much.
— Tony, Coworking Entrepreneur