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Sacred Reparenting: Return to Wholeness (a mini-Urban Retreat)

  • Maha Rose 97 Green St G3 Brooklyn (map)

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?” ― Danielle LaPorte

Sacred Reparenting is an invitation, a call to reclaim your Birthright of Joy, Peace, and Authentic Love. It is a process and set of tools for practical, transformational healing and lifelong expansion. When we learn how to safely integrate body, mind, emotions, and soul through empowered, aligned nurturance and action, we rebuild trust and self-confidence. We cultivate self-worth and self-love. We learn to look inside for answers to life’s questions and to make little and big decisions. We foster self-reliance, resilience, and the skills to create conscious choices.

Sacred Reparenting: Healing the Union of Self and Soul (a mini-Urban Retreat):

  • Save the Date: June 1st - June 2nd, 2019

  • 2pm - 6pm, each day

  • Location: Maha Rose

  • Exchange: $145

Reparenting offers us a portal to the beautiful, sacred journey of moving from living in victimhood and barely surviving, into a place of self-reclamation and thriving. It is a sacred invitation to rejoin in Union with our innate Truth and Wholeness.

As we learn to become the parents to ourselves that our child self, our inner little one always desired, we reconnect with our own Truth. We regain confidence and faith that we are indeed empowered to create our life experience with authenticity, wholly unique to our Purpose and Who we came here to be in this lifetime. We learn to forgive and awaken compassion to heal from conscious or unconscious early childhood wounding, releasing our parents / caregivers, returning our power, as we learn to embrace and embody our own Divine Feminine and Masculine energies. As our healing expands, we gain a visceral understanding of how our self-work is a service to heal our ancestral legacy, and contribute active repair for the benefit of the Collective and generations of humanity to come.

This mini-urban retreat is for You. It is a weekend of self-care and self-empowerment through gaining tactical information, soul-level perspectives, and exploring hands-on tools and teachings in community. To be clear, we will not solve all our problems or heal all of our wounds in just this short, two-part weekend; this is not quick-fix healing or mind-tickling brain chemistry candy (we will discuss what that means! #selfsabotage). This workshop is designed share concepts, tools, and a process for lifelong healing and growth you can incorporate into your own daily life in a practical, and transformative way. It is an opportunity to deepen commitment to your own self-responsibility for creating the life you desire to live.

The intention of the workshop is to offer:

  • An introduction to Teachings and Concepts that ground deep spiritual truths in practical everyday application for healing and personal growth

  • Perspectives to plant seeds of awareness and invite internal paradigm shifts that may awaken passion for further exploration

  • Tools and Techniques that can:

    • Become a part of your personal repertoire for caring and loving yourself;

    • Troubleshooting triggers in everyday life with greater consciousness, ease, and compassion;

    • Building confidence, self-trust, and emotional resilience

  • Safe space for personal inquiry, and community sharing as you desire

Some Concepts and Themes we will Discuss:

  1. Foundations of Reparenting: Concepts and Applications

    • Core Themes: Oneness, Duality, Trinity, Wholeness

  2. Establishing Contact and Creating Ground for Inner Child Relationship-building

    • Core Themes: Self-Love, Self-Worth, Core Wounds (Shame, Abandonment, Betrayal), Inner Bonding, Soul Fragments / Parts, Addiction, Play, & Magic

  3. Healing the Mother Wound & Embodying the Divine Feminine

    • Core Themes: Self-Care, Receiving, Intuition / Inspiration, Flow State, Creativity, Beauty, Wildness, and Lunar, Anima, & Shakti Energy

  4. Healing the Father Wound & Embodying the Divine Masculine

    • Core Themes: Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline, Boundaries / Protection, Assertion, Structure, Strategy / Action, and Solar, Animus, & Shiva Energy

  5. Healing the Soul Wound & Embodying the Sacred Union of a Whole Human Life

    • Core Themes: Self-Mastery, Self-Actualization, Purpose, Alignment, Truth, Infinity, Oneness / Collective Humanity, Integration & Energy Management

In the Workshop you will also learn and/or experience hands-on Tools and Techniques to support experiencing and integrating the Concepts and Themes, such as:

  1. Breathwork / Pranayama

  2. Yoga Nidra

  3. Meditation

  4. Future Self Journaling

  5. Somatic Experiencing

  6. Pairing of Opposites

  7. Brainspotting

  8. The Whole Human Alchemy Method

Participants will be provided with workbooks, and homework exercises / additional reading to support the workshop experience and personal exploration beyond our time together. No experience in any modality required. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a notebook, and any other creature comforts that will serve to support and nourish you during the day.

Note: This workshop experience is centered on a trauma-Informed approach, honoring the nervous systems of all individuals and welcoming all self expressions and life experiences with care and love. You do not need to identify as having experienced trauma, however, some discussion of trauma will be included in teaching the tools offered.

It is a true honor and joy to offer these teachings and tools that have benefited my own healing journey, and to share the process that I continue to live and use on a daily basis.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your path. Please reach out with any questions prior to the workshop,