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Radical Self-Love [a Maha Rose + Adidas Women's Running Collaboration]

Whole Human Alchemy & Consulting is honored to collaborate with  Maha Rose Center for Healing to bring one of our signature workshops, Radical Self-Love, to the Adidas Women’s Running Loft in Soho, NYC.


Self-love is about confidence in your own needs, and comfort in your own skin. Through discussion, reflection, meditation and intention setting, in community, will help heal and inspire. This is a workshop for anyone looking to show themselves some love; all are welcome. This is not a workout, so wear what you’re most confident and comfortable in.

Taking care of others is a good thing, but it’s not the only thing. We’ll show the importance of putting yourself first through a workshop made to make time for you. Join us as we set aside a few hours to explore the importance of taking care of yourself.