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Self-Care as Service, Mind/Body as Temple: Full Moon in Virgo Healing Circle

  • Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center 367 Saint Marks Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11238 United States (map)

"Flowing through the cycles Of Birth and Death, It Moves By Its Own Purity and Projection" - Yogi Bhajan

Your Body is literally a Temple. We receive divine inspiration through our individual form. We then set forth to motion this energy, in creative acts of manifestation in our lives and the world. In a society, however, that encourages bodily dissociation (e.g., digital devices, Netflix binging, etc.), we can end-up being less mindful about our relationship to our body and have difficulty "hearing" our own intuition. Our bodies can take a beating from our Minds, and we are learning more and more about the Mind-Body connection, e.g., how diet impacts mental health / how our thoughts impact disease.


How we care for ourselves is a reflection of our willingness to receive, our worthiness, and our tactical priorities in life. We can do so much with our time and energy, and we have such big hearts that really want to create the best for others in our lives - be it our family, friends, our jobs, our community. Yet, as we know, we do need to fill our own cups first, so that our offerings in the world are founded in love rather than resentment, and from a place of abundance rather than disempowered need or dependency.

Virgo is the great organizer and purifier of the zodiac. As an Earth sign, She embodies the concept of Serve One, Serve All. When she is in right alignment with her intuition, her central channel that knows how to flow through the cycles of life / death / life, her power is potent creative service that can transform and uplift the world.

In this Full Moon community gathering we will:

1 - Delve deeper into the astrological and lunar energies of this time through the lens of Virgo and the Full Moon

2 - Learn some of the ways the Mind / Body Connection can be used for empowered healing and personal growth

3 - Discuss how we can reframe self-care as a loving practice of nourishment rather than another stressful "to do" item

4 - Create a self-care mission statement and plan (Virgos love plans) to bring forward into our daily lives

5 - Experience a Yoga Nidra meditation to align with the full moon