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The Will to Rise: 2019 Numerology & Manipura Medicine [NYC]

  • Maha Rose 97 Green St G3 Brooklyn (map)

2019 is a Year of Receiving and Manifesting with Empowered Will -- both for the benefit of the Self and for The Collective. It is a Year governed by the Number 3 and the 3rd chakra, the Solar Plexus - Manipura - Our Will, our Birthright to take Action in the world and Rise to our Highest Expression.


The challenge with fully tapping into this critical, powerful energy center to manifest our goals and desires is that we are living in an era of constant sensory stimulation, distraction, and a privileged overwhelm of options. Our attention, our focus of our energy is our power. When we are distracted outside of us, or doing too many things at once, our power is overly dispersed -- like sprinkling water here and there in a field and expecting an ocean to rise.

In this condition, we can unwittingly end up making ill-aligned decisions, invest our energy in unfruitful ways, and frankly feel more exhausted than justified. Anxiety, overwhelm, FOMO, fear of making “bad” or “wrong” decisions are also symptoms of a misaligned Manipura. We can too easily give up our power to outside people and circumstances, become stuck in “analysis paralysis,” or at the very least, we can sabotage or delay our dreams and goals from manifesting into reality.

We can learn how to work with the Energy Medicine of the Manipura to balance and strengthen this vital energy source, and rise to command our own seat of our power.

We can learn how to use the Manipura to reconnect to our intuition / gut instinct to take actions that are more aligned with our Heart and Soul, rather than the fear conditioning of our Mind / Ego and Brain chemistry.

Paired with an understanding of the numerology energetics of this year, this is the perfect workshop to arm you with both deeply critical information and teachings for supporting your creations in the year to come, and experiencing and learning techniques to keep this energy center balanced and aligned.

In this workshop you will:

1 - Learn about the Numerology of 2019 and its significance as a guidepost for directing your goals, dreams, desires, and personal and professional decisions for the year
2 - Learn about the Psychology of the Manipura Chakra to deepen your self-sensory awareness 
3 - Experience the Energy Medicine of the Mainpura through channeled, healing teachings, and practices like somatic experiencing, breathwork, meditation, and kriyas
4 - Learn a set of practices you can do at home and on the road to balance this vital energy center

Please wear loose fitting clothing as we will do some movement as a part of the experiential aspect of the workshop. Also bring your journal, and your desire to empower and rise in 2019!