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Self-Leadership & Empowerment: Leo New Moon Yoga Nidra for the Heart [online]

How we Lead our Lives is How we Lead Others.

During this New Moon in Leo, we are asked to consider our relationship to ourselves - how we lead our self, what is our relationship to our energy and power, and how we take the stage to express our influence, our power in the world.

This bombastic Leo energy is tempered by the work we began in July's energy of rebirth - molting out of the old through the metaphor of Cancer's crab shell and stepping on to a bigger platform for our Self to be seen as Leaders in Leo.

We are still a little soft and worn, vulnerable and exposed, from the process of shedding and making ourselves anew. We can thank multiple eclipses and planetary retrogrades - a time when we are asked to reflect and review - supporting to learn and see what change we desire to make. To name a few, Mars asks us to think about how we use our power - with ourselves and others, and what we do with our Anger. Mercury asks us to consider how we communicate and the energy behind the words and media we chose to express ourselves.

In this time we must consider our Strength (the tarot card aligned with Leo), and how we can push too hard and break, and how we can bring a more gentle, heart-based quality to the roles we play in life and how we invest our energy, resources, and power in those.

The heart chakra is where we mix the understanding of the lower "human" chakras with the higher "spiritual" chakras, and exchange the energy of love; we were born of Love, made of Love, and are meant to give and receive expressions of Love.

Working with the Heart energy center in the Yoga Nidra practice, and the astrological influences in August, aligns us with potent opportunity for redesigning how we lead our lives.

Making a Choice to bring Conscious awareness to how we life is the first step in Self-Leadership.

This Leo New Moon is your Opportunity to Commit to a change towards your own health, healing, growth, and JOY through the lens of Leadership and Power, and the Relationships we have with others.