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Express Yourself: Taurus New Moon Yoga Nidra for the Throat Chakra (online)

Do you struggle to get your point across and be heard? Do you feel out-of-synch in some aspect of your relationships, or don't seem to resonate with the people and world around you? Do you find yourself compromising on your own truth to keep the peace with others? Are you feeling an urge to purify and simplify the inputs around you and your routine behaviors (e.g., social media consumption)? Do you crave greater beauty, elegance, sensuality, and stability, security, stronger boundaries?

New Moons are a time to set intentions - to question old habits and behaviors, and make a fresh start. This Tuesday, May 15th at 7:47am EST the New Moon in Taurus provides a beautiful invitation to Say What You Mean and Speak Your Truth, to clarify, ground, and thus transform your world to the benefit of your own and the greater collective experience.

There is also some powerful energy with this New Moon coming in as Uranus (technology, revolution) also moves into Taurus (also the sign of finance). Corresponding energies of this time are also represented through the symbolic language of the tarot - The Heirophant, The Empress, and The Fool.

Taurus corresponds with the element of Earth, which we need to make material what we envision. It also rules the throat and self-expression, which corresponds to the throat chakra - how we speak into being that which we wish for ourselves and our worlds to be. The Throat (5th chakra) is literally the gate between what we SEE in our Mind (6th chakra) and what we FEEL in our Heart (4th chakra). Its proper functioning is therefore critical for our self-expression and engagement with the world.


This online workshop includes the following:

1 - A presentation and discussion of the astrology, tarot, chakra, and energetic elements associated with this New Moon

2 - A 30 minute Yoga Nidra practice customized to focus on the Throat chakra, clearing and aligning this important energy center

3 - A set of journaling prompts customized to work with this specific lunar and chakra energies, and deepen your intention


Communication binds culture together. Never before have we been more called to clear up our own side of the street, and take responsibility for what messages we take in and put out in the world.

Speak your Truth. Find your Voice. Release that which no longer resonates. We must take ownership of our own vibesand impact in the world. It is our collective imperative today. What do you have to say?




You can join using your computer or phone. Details provided upon registration.


Be sure you're in a quiet place where you can comfortably lie down for the Yoga Nidra practice. A blanket to cover yourself, and a pillow, as well as an eye mask if you have one, are recommended. Also, have your journal and a pen on-hand for the writing prompts. Try to keep the kids, pets, and partners at bay if you can - this is your time for self-care and renewal! 


Yoga Nidra is a voice-guided meditation performed lying down in bed or on a yoga mat. It includes includes a body focusing exercise that creates a circuit of energy in the motor cortext to relax the brain, some breath and sound awareness practices, and some visualization activities.

It is derived from an ancient Tantra yoga practice and is a simple and efficient way to deeply relax while remaining conscious to reduce anxiety, stress, and insomnia. During the practice, we sink into the parasympathetic nervous system and enter the hypnogogic state, the state between being awake and being asleep.

Just a 15-20min practice provides the benefits of 4 hours of sleep.

1. Improve focus, clarity, creativity, and productivity
2. Deeply relax to reduce physical, psychological, and emotional tension
3. "Weed the garden" by release stored memories and past grievances from your subconscious and unconscious mind
4. Recover from injury, surgery, jet lag, or too many late nights