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Intuition & Goals: Capricorn Full Moon Yoga Nidra for the Third Eye Chakra

  • Space Ninety 8 98 North 6th Street Brooklyn, NY, 11249 (map)

If you're seeking to connect with your intuition, feeling blocked on how to move forward on your goals, wanting clarity to release unhealthy patterns, or just need a way to deeply relax and do some self-care, this class is for you!

This Full Moon in Capricorn on June 28th shines a light on what has come to fruition since its corresponding new moon six months prior. It is an opportunity for inquiry into our "shadow side," allowing us to see our habits, mental patterns, addictive patterns, relationships, and other elements that can be shed to support our soul's continued growth.

Capricorn helps us set our minds on a goal, and have the willpower, grit, and tenacity to reach the finish line. And yet, Capricorn's earth sign energy can become so fixated on the goal that the pleasure of the journey, and the gifts of the present moment, can be overlooked.

To find balance with this, we work with the energy of Anja, the "Third Eye" or 6th Chakra. The six chakra is about our ability to Perceive in the mind's eye and to Command the body to action. It is a blending of intuition and determination, spirit and matter, earth and air energies. It is a fitting compliment to the restrictive energy of Capricorn by its ruling planet Saturn.

We can dream big, but need the solid ground to walk upon to carry out these goals.

We need imagination and "Magical Thinking" to see things beyond the way they are right in front of us so we can innovate and create lasting change.

Yoga Nidra quiets the mind to become receptive to the clarity of our own inner wisdom, our intuition, to see the path forward and realize our dreams. We enter the hypnagogic state (the state between wakefulness and sleep) and tap into the subconscious and unconscious to energetically clear the "river" of the body, releasing tension, emotions, and memories we no longer need to carry. The practice calms the nervous system and the body so we can deeply relax, repair, and heal.