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Connection & Integration: Gemini New Moon Yoga Nidra for the Heart Chakra (online)

We are not alone.

We are biologically wired for connection. However, sometimes it can feel challenging to reach out, or scary to share vulnerably what's going on for us. Maybe we've endured past traumas that have guided us to protect our hearts. Or maybe there is fear around not knowing how we will be received, if connection is safe.

We must learn to create a healthy balance between intimacy and autonomy to integrate the benefits of relationship -- with others, and with ourselves. 

New Moon in Gemini on June 13th

New Moons are a time to set intentions - to question old habits and behaviors, and make a fresh start. This is a perfect time to take inventory of your relationships with others and yourself. 

How well do I take care of myself, or do I tend to invest more energy in others? What needs to change in my approach to relationship?  What can use some space, some air to breathe? Where can I be more nurturing to myself, to others?  How do I communicate?  What kinds of relationships do I tend to attract and what might this reveal about my own inner world?

This online workshop includes the following:

1 - A presentation and discussion of the astrology, tarot, chakra, and energetic elements associated with this New Moon

2 - A 30 minute Yoga Nidra practice with Breathwork customized to focus on the Heart chakra, clearing and aligning this important energy center

3 - A set of journaling prompts and a New Moon ritual customized to work with this specific lunar and chakra energies, and deepen your intention