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Reclaim Your Power: Aries New Moon Yoga Nidra for the Solar Plexus Chakra (online)

If you've been lagging on your New Year's resolutions, feeling a bit all over the place and unfocused, or just need an easy way to deeply relax and do some self-care, this class is for you!

New Moons are a time to set intentions for the next cycle of the lunar month. This Sunday, April 15th is an important one as it takes place in the fiery sign of Aries -- The start of the zodiac calendar that sparks the flame that carries us through the rest of the year. 

Fire is the element that is needed to cook the stew of what our souls are here to create, to alchemize past experiences and turn them into the energetic gold with which we take action in the world.  Aires and the Fire element correspond to the Solar Plexus chakra - the center of our human free Will.  This is where our personal Power resides. It is the "I AM" energy center from which we bring forth into the world what we see, know, and have to share as an expression of our beautiful mind, heart, and soul. 

If you've been feeling a bit ungrounded, off, scattered, or like so many things are coming up and simultaneously falling out of your life these past few weeks, you are not alone. We've been in a Mecury Retrograde that stations direct on this new moon. It's been showing us what's working in our lives and what is not - whether it's an intimate relationship, a job, a behavior pattern ... we have the opportunity to get clear on what we no longer want to carry.  What we've learned in this cycle - consciously and unconsciously - are all fuel for this Aries new moon fire.  We can learn what to do next not by looking outside, but by looking within. The Yoga Nidra practice brings us closer to a level of clarity and insight to support us taking the next step.

This online workshop includes the following:

1 - A brief overview of the astrology, tarot, chakra, and energetic elements associated with this New Moon

2 - A 30 minute Yoga Nidra practice that focuses on the Solar Plexus chakra, energizing the spirit, and weeding out that which no longer serves from the subconscious and unconscious mind.

3 - A new moon intention-setting ritual and set of journaling prompts to make manifest that which you want to create in the world.

Consider this New Moon an opportunity to reset and recalibrate to what you deeply intend for yourself and your contribution this year.  "Something Has To Be Done Here."  It is time to stop playing small, step-into your power, and start creating from your highest self.