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Calling in Change: New Moon Yoga Nidra for the Root Chakra

"As children we were taught not to play with fire, so we closed ourselves off and kept ourselves safe, forgetting about the flame within our hearts - forgetting about the spark within our souls." - Bianca Sparacino, from the poetry collection "Seeds Planted in Concrete"

We carry many core beliefs from childhood unconsciously into adulthood. These can sometimes be the source of struggle in repeating negative patterns and failures to make change "stick."

We need to clear out deeply held ideas that do not align with our future goals - a better job, relocation to another city, break an addiction, connect with a loving partner. We have to get at the base of where these are stored - the subconscious and unconscious mind - to release that which no longer serves our personal development.

We can create lasting change by transforming our root beliefs about our own power and place in the world.

This watery, emotional, and intuitive New Moon in Pisces is a perfect time to dive deeply inward, and declare endings and beginnings.

Our class will start with a grounding Yin asana sequence to prepare the body and psyche for emotional release. The Yoga Nidra portion is designed to clear tribal belief patterns and emotional fears related to change from the root chakra. We conclude with an intention-setting practice (sankulpa) and journaling exercise to empower what we want our lives to be.

What to bring: Your yoga mat, a blanket, a journal and pen, and an eye pillow (if you have one)

About Yoga Nidra - "Sleep Meditation"

Yoga Nidra, derived from an ancient Tantra practice, is a guided mediation performed lying down in savasana. It brings us into the hypnogogic state to clear stored memories, traumas, and beliefs we've outgrown from the subconscious and unconscious mind.

The practice allows the body to deeply relax, let go of racing thoughts, decreases anxiety, stress, and insomnia, and promotes healing from injury and jet lag.

In just a 15-20 minute practice, the body receives the equivalent rest of 4 hours of sleep.