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Listening to the Waves Within: Scorpio New Moon Astrology + Yoga Nidra [online]

An online workshop on the astrology of this New Moon with journaling prompts & a custom Yoga Nidra ("sleep meditation") to clear energetic blocks and align your intentions with the lunar, planetary, and chakra-related energies of this time.

The recording of the Yoga Nidra guided meditation & journaling prompts will be provided to participants after the live class.

Our Souls speak to us when we sleep, shower, meditate, make love, make a peanut butter sandwich … The Soul is always humming in the background and Beyond, supporting our Free Will and providing invitations to support our expansion and growth.

Meanwhile, our Personalities, what we tend to think of ourselves as our identity, ask, "What is my Life Purpose, my Meaning?" "What is my 'Why'?" "Why am I not happy, why do I not feel fulfilled even though I have so much, have done so much, etc.?" … And we get frustrated when we can't seem to figure out a satisfactory answer, despite all or our well-meaning thinking and worrying about it.

The New Moon at 15 degrees of Scorpio on November 7th at 11:02AM EST creates a powerful, energetic line to conference call with your Soul and debrief on where you are, what you've accomplished, and where to go next.

Scorpio is fierce, passionate, intuitive, purpose-oriented energy that is not afraid to go into deep, deep waters to discover what lies beneath the surface of everyday appearances in order to share with others in a more authentic way. Together with the Sun in Scorpio, this is the New Moon to clear issues related to how you steer the course of your life from a place of empowerment, and set sail with Soul-aligned intentions and goals.

Your Soul is like the Mothership of a fleet of ships. You might not know why you are in the water all of the time, but your Soul does.

Knowing requires Listening, beyond the chatter of the Mind. Tuning into your Soul through Yoga Nidra is a way to listen to the waves within, to uncover your Meaning, your inner compass.