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Thriving the Holidays: Trauma-Informed Yoga Nidra [NYC]

  • Maha Rose 97 Green St G3 Brooklyn, NY 11222 (map)

This time of year the darker days invite us to turn within, get quiet, reflect. Yet the holidays and end of year work pressures call us to direct our energy outward. These invitations can be quite emotionally exhausting and taxing on our bodies and nervous systems. They can even trigger past traumas or abuses, making it even more challenging to create and enjoy the many gifts of this season.

  • How do we chose to respond?

  • What choices will be in the healthiest alignment for us — for our mind, body, psyche, and soul?

  • How can we resource ourselves and create safe boundaries?

  • How can we work with challenging situations and difficult emotions, and embrace them as they truly are — invitations for us to affirm our own power, our own choice and intelligence?

In this workshop we will explore our patterns of how we relate to this time of year, and how we can take good care of ourselves with intention. We will learn somatic, pranayama (breathwork), and energy management techniques to ground and empower — tools that can be used on the spot to work with present moment challenges. Discussion and journaling exercises will support safe reflection.

A Trauma-Informed Yoga Nidra (“sleep meditation”) practice will be the centerpiece for deep physical and subconscious release and healing, and intention-setting.

This workshop experience is centered on a trauma-informed approach, honoring the nervous systems of all individuals, and welcoming all self expressions and life experiences with care and love.

Note: You do not need to identify as having experienced trauma in order to benefit from the workshop, however, discussion of trauma will be included in teaching the tools offered.