Why do we readily invest six to seven figures in technology, yet barely invest in people and organizational infrastructure ?

Over my two decades of experience in IT & strategy management consulting - working with start-ups, non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and public sector agencies - I've seen major investments in technology, digital transformation, and mergers / acquisitions, fail to produce expected results when the human impact was put last on the agenda, or was a "check the box" exercise.

What was originally a cost-cutting measure becomes an expensive aftermath of additional time, money, and people to course correct.

Yet, I've also seen employee morale and team culture accelerate when given the freedom and authority to innovate solutions for their day-to-day pain points, and collaborate across organizational silos to solve bigger picture problems.

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Organizations are interdependent systems comprised of an ecosystem of interactions. What we do to one part of a system effects the whole, and vice versa.

This is key to how we evolve a business to truly actualize innovation efforts, cut through internal resistance to change, and differentiate in a crowded, noisy marketplace. 

How we do our work and how well aligned we are is integral to an organization's success


Gone are the days of silo'ed organization design. 

Experience Design is Everyone's Responsibility.


Designing for the "Outside In" Customer Experience doesn't work if you don't clean-up your "Inside Out" systems and realign how you perform your back-office work, what and how processes interface at key customer Moments of Truth, and update your Organizational Blueprint to tangibly align with the vision. 

Too often the output of Strategic Planning exercises result in bullet-points of industry buzzwords, and nary a realistic implementation plan and timeline. Without making the appropriate organizational and cultural changes to support these earnest goals, we end up negatively impacting employee morale and engagement, with long-term implications to company culture beyond underperforming KPIs.  

Most companies are running late 90's early 00's organizational designs that do not efficiently support customer expectations for an integrated brand experience and real-time responsiveness.

We begin with customer & employee empathy exercises and human-centered analysis, map your critical journeys & services across people, processes, systems, governance, and data, define the customer & employee and pain points & joy factors, identify change opportunities, and then run through the rest of the Design Thinking process to ideate on solutions, and create a strategy for prototyping, test, and iteration, ultimately creating a Customer Experience Design & Organizational Change Blueprint. 

Your employees are your greatest under-realized asset.

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51% of employees are searching for new jobs or watching for openings




It costs an average of 33% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them

Without hiring more staff or contractors, and without needing to employ fear and intimidation tactics to get "more with less" from your people, Whole Human Consulting can bring more value to your company and its bottom-line success.

We connect with your employees, find the best of them that they might not even know of themselves, and analyze this information to create a new Employee Experience Design & Organizational Change Blueprint. This is used to restructure the bones of the company - processes, technology, organization, services - so that all of this under-utilized people resource can be aligned to create greater value for the individual employee and the company. As appropriate, we may also develop an Integrative Wellness Plan to support employees through periods of change, or as an additional benefit for employee retention and recruitment.


Employee engagement is the canary in the coal mine

for how healthy your company culture is


The Experiences you create are a reflection of Values & Culture

Neuroscience has proven that people do not make decisions from the neck up; we decide based on emotions, and then use logic. Our systems, strategies, and organizations must be designed for the whole human experience to create meaningful impact, and derive the greatest value from our investments in technology and people. 

When leaders are aligned to an authentic core mission for their business, that integrity attracts and converts customer interest to advocacy. 

Conscious alignment to a shared mission, and processes & technologies that make sense, engages employees which creates trust and customer experience that is good for everyone, and the bottom line.

Strategic Planning & Digital Transformation initiatives benefit greatly from a Whole Human approach. We offer facilitated strategy workshops and tangible transformation guidance based on decades of experience, and creative, diverse expertise. 


Whole Human Consulting creates organizational alignment & wellness

Results over Rules
Committed Work over The Easy Way
Personal Responsibility over Ignorance
Creativity AND Logic