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Where we mindfully connect to be seen, be heard, and BE our beautiful, messy, whole human selves - together

The premise is simple: this is an experiment in our capacity to vulnerably share our lives and hold space without judgment, with a low-barrier to entry - hence we meet online.

our neural, hormonal, and genetic makeup support interdependence over independence.

we don't have to do this messy life stuff alone.

We are tragically aware of the pain experienced in our world at nearly every tweet and turn of a web page - mental health made news by celebrity suicides, substance and technology addictions, #metoo #timesup trauma, heightened racial and ethnic inequality, polarizing "sorting" by politics and beliefs, a less than glacial erosion of common public goods and rights, and collective growing grief and fear. 

Our sense of BELONGING and SAFETY is in crisis. A feeling of LONELINESS seems to hum in the background of racing thoughts, anxieties, regrets, and fears.  

And yet, our collective AWARENESS and CONSCIOUSNESS is on the rise. A sense of OPPORTUNITY to CONNECT is growing, fostered by near mirrors of our own experience we find in other people's Instastories and Facebook posts.

The hypothesis is we can make meaningful connections, foster a sense of belonging, and help each other heal and grow when we commit to seeing, hearing, holding, and being our truest, rawest, most vulnerable selves with one another on a regular basis.

So here's the "prototype" offer: Show up. Online. One hour. On Sundays.


Ready to Share a story, a challenge, a piece of advice, something you'd like advice or some free coaching on.

Ready to Listen compassionately, without judgement.

Ready to Contribute positively, without shaming or blaming.

Ready to Benefit from being a part of a group environment, seeing and hearing how others are creating and evolving in their lives.

Make it like the old days when you phoned a friend, one you knew you could trust for unbiased, unfiltered, loving and compassionate support. 

Make it your substitute for Netflix, or social media scrolling - just for that one hour, that one day of week.

Make it as consistent as you can, knowing that when we prioritize taking care of ourselves and our innate human need for connection, we fill our own cups -  that benefits others and generates an positive ripple effect in the Universe, becoming a force for good.

If this speaks to you at all, I'd love to create, moderate, and hold space for you and these Whole Human Conversations. Please join us. 

In Love and Honor,



Let's learn how to love - ourselves, all of our parts, and each other - together.