How we Lead our Lives is How we Lead Others

How do you treat yourself when no one is around?  What does the voice inside your head say to you? Would you say those things out loud to others?  Would you treat a child that way?

August's reflection is Self-Leadership

We are in full-swing with Leo season, a time when we are asked to embrace our innate capacity for leadership, and take the stage with a sense of empowerment.  However, this bombastic Leo energy is tempered by the work we began in July's energy of rebirth - molting out of the old through the metaphor of Cancer's crab shell and stepping on to a bigger platform for our Self to be seen as Leaders in Leo.

We are still a little soft and worn, vulnerable and exposed, from the process of shedding and making ourselves anew. We can thank multiple eclipses and planetary retrogrades - a time when we are asked to reflect and review - supporting  to learn and see what change we desire to make.  To name a few, Mars asks us to think about how we use our power - with ourselves and others, and what we do with our Anger.  Mercury asks us to consider how we communicate and the energy behind the words and media we chose to express ourselves. 

This process can be mega-difficult, not pretty, and yet is hella rewarding if you just let it happen.  So, if you've been feeling a bit - or a LOT - out of sorts in your body or relationships, or things aren't "working" the way they used to when you did the same thing the same way before, CONGRATULATIONS. This is Growth - welcome it!  

And, PLEASE be kind to yourself and others through the process, especially right now!  ALL of us are feeling these influences, whether we name them as such or not. #kindnessmatters #ahimsa

This is your Opportunity to Commit to a change towards your own health, healing, growth, and JOY.  And, we have an opportunity with the New Moon in Leo & solar eclipse on August 11th to firmly plant those seeds for new growth.

Making Conscious Choices is the first step in Self-Leadership. 

We cannot expect we can show up for others - our family, friends, colleagues, partners - as our best selves if we don't first show up for ourselves with the Courage and Strength (Leo qualities) to choose a higher choice for the expression of our Be-ing. To make the necessary internal changes to then be expressed on the world's stage.  This is how we begin to live a whole human life, with Self-Leadership for our thoughts and choices, Self-Responsibility for what we create in the world, grounded in the Wisdom of the Body, the Truth of our Soul, crafted with Love and Care for Self and Others. 

Be bold and do what feels best and right for your Soul's growth. Take healthy pride in your self-reverence to go against the grain and welcome in something different.  

Let your own vulnerability and empowerment be seen by others who then in turn may feel safe to pursue their own unique path using those energies as support to take that first step.  This is how we are ALL leaders, regardless of job title. Regardless of role.

The Roles in life you play are not the Truth of Who You Are.  But they reflect Who You Believe You Are, and your major energetic investments.  And how you are in Relationship reflects your Self-Leadership.  So if in one of the roles in your life you are unhappy, creating suffering - for yourselves or others - choose a different choice. Bring a different Self to the dynamic.  

Let Yourself Lead & Live with Love.

Choose not to Lead from a place of Fear, Judgement, Criticism, or Conditions. 

Choose to Lead with Heart. Let your Mind follow the direction of the Soul.