Standing in the Sun

Summer Solstice: A day to bear Witness and Celebrate

Summer Solstice is the half-way point of the year, the Summer Equinox, the start of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

If we consider the entire year as a cycle, this day in the Northern Hemisphere is when the energy of the sun is at its highest expression before it shifts direction, before the light descends steadily back into darkness until her sister, Winter Solstice, arrives. 

And in the Southern hemisphere, today is when we have the darkest of days - an invitation to be at still and at peace in the dark - before coming back into the light. 

We are all on this planet together. No matter which hemisphere we happen to be in, we will feel both the energies of light and dark, the duality that is the spiral of Nature.

I made a special Yoga Nidra practice for you to honor this day - or any day - you desire to reconnect with your own internal source of power and acknowledge our interconnectedness.

Summer Solstice Yoga Nidra practice


Today we use the full brightness of the sun to shine a light on who we were at the start of the year, and who we've become. 


Like playing a movie in our mind, we use the light of this Sun to reflect back to the start of the year.  We see the intentions we planted in the dark of winter emerge from our interior. Blossom into the world from the earth of our root intention. Nourished with the changing weather, the emotional rains of the spring. Made strong, like the heartwood of an oak tree, enduring the airy winds of impermanence, Anicca, as they grow to touch the sky. On this day, that which we have made comes to stand in fullest expression of the Sun.
Our Inner Fire.
Our Will, manifest.
Our Truth,  as it is right now. 
As We are, right now.

We stand today as a Witness to our growth, our change, our healing. And we celebrate our interdependence.

We acknowledge that we would not be who and where we are today if it weren't for others, including our Earth's natural resources and the species around us.  We give thanks to the people, organizations, and ideas that have supported us, nourished us with their care, shared their own light when we could not see our own, and challenged us with beliefs different from ours so we may re-member to love no matter what.

Today is a day to honor that we are not individuals alone. We are connected. We are interdependent. We have a responsibility to each other as much as to ourselves.  

We can begin by honoring our own light within, and feeling how that very core of our inner being is the same in others no matter what our skin color, ideology, country or family of origin, preferences, beliefs, age, etc.

We ALL belong. We ALL matter. We ALL deserve love and care no matter what.