The Silence Before Molting, Before Rebirth

July's invitation is rebirth

Mouna , or silence, is a Yogic practice of keeping quiet, and measuring one's expression of the senses. 

To observe Input and Output.

Think about that for a moment.





Like the breath.

In practicing Mouna we become aware of boundaries, the liminal space between In and Out.

We become aware of our internal state, our feelings, just by getting quiet.

This observation practice can grow our muscle of wise discernment, or Viveka.  

What do we take in from the outside world? Does it serve our highest self?

With discernment we can better hear our internal thoughts and align with what's true for us.

What do we put out into the world? Is it the highest expression of who we are?

We can more readily practice Right Speech and Right Action, parts of the Eightfold Path in Theravada Buddhism.

The month of July is ripe with astrological influences (eclipses, planetary retrogrades) encouraging us to use this time for rebirth - whether of our total sense of self and how we are in the world, or perhaps in a particular area of our life such as our career, family life, creative pursuits, health, spiritual practices, finances, intimate partnership, or friendships.

We can't know what is ready to be shed, where we are ready to step up in our lives to grow, to make change, unless we get quiet and still enough to hear our inner voice, to sense in our bodies what feels like the next right step to take.

Now is the time to work deeply within so that we can be born anew.  No more faking it, living within an identity too small like shoes too tight.   

Get comfortable with the quiet. Listen to what's true for you. Let go, molt. Become the bigger you you are meant to be.  Embrace your birthright.

"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion." - Rumi