Creativity, Rebirth, And The "Suchness" Of Things

Creativity is Our Birthright

Creativity is a playground for making meaning out of the experience of our lives

Can you feel it?  The shift that has been taking place in the background since the start of the year? It's not quite done yet.  We are almost there.  Soon. Patience.  Rest, in the Mystery.

This extra-long, cold winter has encouraged us to be still.  To soak in the darkness of winter.  To tune in to our own internal compass, our intuition. 

We've also needed all this gnarly astrological energy that has been drawing up to the surface those things blocking our vision, in order to clear the path forward to what it is we want to create next.  

This has been a time to gestate. To release and heal.  

What has been coming up for you to reexamine?  To release?

For me personally, the last four months have been a journey of shedding A LOT of mental constructs, including part of my ego that was protecting an outdated model of my identity.  What I thought I should be in the world.  What and how I thought I needed to be in order to feel safe, and be loved and accepted.  

The grieving has been immense. 

When we cry emotional tears, our body biochemically releases thousands of chemicals and toxins. We all know how a good, "ugly cry" can make us feel lighter.  It liberates stored memories and traumas, and softens our hearts. 

Grieving helps us feel more compassion for ourselves and our experience, which in turn makes it easier to connect with others. 

April showers bring May flowers. There's still time for a good cry, my friends! And it is needed to have room to blossom!  ; )

Energetically, crying creates space.  This space may be held for previously repressed parts of ourselves to take center stage again if we chose, or for new things to arrive in our lives through our own creative power of intention.

It is important to respect and honor that which no longer serves as we grieve its passing.  We can thank it for its service, and then shift the energy to what is in greater alignment with who we want to be now in the world.

What part of you wants to be reclaimed? To be born anew?  

I've been shifting my concept of my own relationship to creativity and how I allow it to flow in my life.  This has involved reconceptualizing my studio art practice, and from the ashes of myformer corporate life, building a new full-time business through a more expansive, soul-aligned, feminine-energy directed way of "doing" entrepreneurship.  

This means honoring the process as continuously co-creative, demanding real-time presence to tune-into my intuition, and ensuring that the work is built from the inside first, rather than listening to all the well-meaning people and examples outside in the world.  

Our creative energy cannot flourish as an expression of our authentic voice if we create from the outside in before our inside is aligned with our own truth. 

Creative energy can quickly become misdirected when we are out of alignment with our own path.  When we are distanced from our essence,  our "suchness."  We can no longer see our way even though the light of the sun is clearly shining. This is how we unwittingly create our own suffering.

There is always opportunity to realign, and begin again.  In each moment, with each day. 

As organisms we are designed to live in harmony with the energy of the seasons, in concert with the cycles of the moon, and in right relationship to the Earth.  Sometimes we just need to remember we are not separate from the web of creation.  

On this day, Earth Day, what can you do to reconnect? To witness and feel in your body the energy of the earth and your connection to the web of creation?

Click here to access a short exercise I've created for you called "Ground and Center."  

Try it, and use it whenever you feel unsettled, unfocused, and need to realign to the simple truth that we are not separate beings.  We are connected.  You are not alone.

Thank you for being here, and sharing your walk on the path to Live Whole Human!