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anger is a tool, not a weapon

Anger is perhaps one of the most controversial emotions in the spectrum of human experience. It is a normal human emotion. Used constructively, it can become a tool of creation and transformation, rather than a weapon of destruction and suffering. However, many of us didn't learn how to skillfully work with it to decode and integrate its potent messages.

Our dominant cis-gender cultural norms assert the outdated belief that anger is "too dangerous" for girls to be (they are allowed to be sad) but boys are allowed to mad (just not sad) as that suits an outdated concept of "masculinity." Likewise, media hyper-perpetuates images of anger as violence (often tied with cultural stereotypes of race, ethnicity, class, etc.), or if anger is portrayed as feeding “positive” action, there is also always an embedded secondary message or energy of aggression and selfish agenda.

These contortions feed so much of the unconscious, toxic cycles of fear, shame, and separation in our society.

These paradigms carry over into how we relate as adults to our everyday life, and bigger traumas and life events. They keep us

You’ve got to get mad and say, ‘I’m a human being goddammit! My life has value! ...I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’
— infamous quote from the 1978 film "Network"

In our rapidly evolving paradigm, we understand that we are all leaders - not just by job or title or role, but by virtue of our interdependence. We recognize that our “micro” individual experiences have a real impact on the “macro” whole human and whole Earth experience. Our actions create our present moment and that of generations beyond this lifetime.

Learn to skillfully master your emotions and create conscious contribution as a global citizen.

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By denying our experience of anger, we cut-off a source of wisdom and transformative power. By dysfunctionally engaging with anger, we misalign its energy to perpetuating suffering and separation.

Anger does not need to express itself in violence.

Anger does not need to result in self-betrayal.

Anger does not need to be feared - in ourselves or others.


The Alchemy of Anger

There is a Fever that happens
Before the change, the Rebirth

Flames Flames Flames
Lite up the dark corners of your Monkey Mind
Closet Subconscious Skeletons rattle and shake and roll out well-worn red carpets of Fear

You face the drama of demons from under your childhood bed
And you sit and have tea with each and every one of them, thanking them for the gifts they have given; Wisdom Clarity Freedom Enlightenment

But tea comes after, in the calm of the storm, the settling of the ashes, Phoenix anew ~ Meanwhile ~

Fire Fire Oh the Fire
Oh Honor this Sacred Cleansing the Yogis call Tapas

You can’t get away with the same ‘ol B.S. in a New World, a New You

The Fire, Aries I AM battlecry wages Sacred Service as it burns away all that no longer serves from your psyche

For some, the Lessons come through physical injury or illness, for others through emotional climaxes — marriage death divorce job loss job gain cross-country moves — and yet for others, the Call of the Soul is what is felt the loudest in everyday irritations, and the Ego takes up its fight

Adding spit to the Fire

Ego or Soul
Suffering or Truth
Two scales of Justice

Choose your Choice

Anger is a tool or a weapon
Choose your Choice

Become a Master of

The Alchemy of Anger