Consciously Create your Experience of Life


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We create our experience of life. We either do this unconsciously, following outside expectations and patterns of our past, and the fears and worries of the future. Or, we can consciously create how we move through this life with the awareness and empowerment that comes from conscious choice-making.

Our external world is a reflection of our internal world. When something doesn't feel right for us internally, or we run up against roadblocks or feel drained by how we are living, this is an indication that we are out of alignment in some area of our life and have an opportunity to create a positive change. 

Sometimes it is hard to know what to change, or how. Or, if we try to make a change, it might not stick or be the "right" change. Often we try to use just our minds, thinking from the neck up only.

When we engage our innate Whole Human wisdom — Body, Heart / Soul, and Mind — we make empowered, aligned decisions…the kind of decisions that energize, excite, and generate momentum for growth and change.

We cultivate confidence to make choices that are for our highest good, rather than out of obligation or fear.

We build grit and resilience, taking risks from a place of self-generated safety and passionate curiosity.

We find greater ease and joy as we learn to consciously design our own experience of life.

When we are connected, whole, and happy, we create connection, a sense of wholeness, and happiness around us.

When we feel engaged, excited, joyful, we engage, excite, and bring joy to those around us.

When we are in love with ourselves and the world we create, we create in the world from a place of Love.

We are all are empowered to love ourselves and each other as a Collective Humanity - to alchemize past pain into gifts we share with others, to take conscious action to heal our Earth, to live every day with Joy and Peace in the Present, to ensure a sustainable and thriving future founded in Love, Wholeness.


About the founder


Kathryn Cornelius is a gifted intuitive teacher, transformational coach, interdisciplinary artist, and the Founder of Whole Human Alchemy & Consulting, an integrative practice serving individuals and organizations to create their highest expression of how they work and live.

Kathryn's coaching and healing practice is rooted in 10 years of personal application, training, and education in Neuroscience, Human-Centered Design, Somatic & Transpersonal Psychology, Imago Therapy, Internal Family Systems & Parts Work, EMDR, Brainspotting, Pranayama Breathwork, Trauma Recovery, Buddhism, Vedic Yoga & Meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda, and Chakra & Energy Medicine. She holds numerous certifications, including Reiki Master, 200hr Dharma Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, & Breathwork.

Kathryn has two decades of experience in IT & strategy management consulting, working with start-ups, non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and Federal & Local government and public safety agencies. Combined with a 15 year career as an internationally exhibiting Artist, and as a former Professor of Media & Culture Studies, Kathryn brings innovative, interdisciplinary experiential and visionary wisdom to transforming client challenges into thriving success stories.

As an intuitive, trauma-informed teacher, Kathryn is deeply sensitive to a person's nervous system and honors the highly dynamic needs of the individual. She has completed a year-long mentorship with Lindsay Mack (Wild Soul Healing), and Kundalini studies with Paramatma Siri Sadhana (The Invincible Hall). Kathryn is in current year two mentorship with Michelle Sinnette (Soul Legacy) and Josh Korda (Dharma Punx).

She is a 2017 graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program and holds a Masters Degree in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University. Her 2005 Masters Thesis examined creativity as a market disruptor and the emergence of artists as entrepreneurs.